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LBO is an orthorhombic cyrstal and belongs to the point group mm2. It is built up of a continuous  network  of  B3O7 groups with lithium cations locating in the interstices. The compact network of  B3O7 groups makes the LBO crystal almost free of inclusion.

LBO Features:

  • Broad transparency range from 160nm to 2600nm (SHG range from 550nm to 2600nm).
  • Type I and type II non-critical phase-matching (NCPM) over a wide wavelength range.
  • Relatively large effective SHG coefficient (about three times larger than that of KDP).
  • High damage threshold (18.9 GW/cm2 for a 1.3ns laser at 1054nm).
  • Wide acceptance angle and small walk-off.
  • High optical quality (homogeneity Dn=10-6/cm) and free of inclusion.

The sizes and coating are available upon requirements.

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