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High Temperature form BBO (a-BaB2O4) is a negative uniaxial crystal. Following exceptional properties make it a very important nonlinear crystal:


  •       Broad phase-matching range from 410 nm to 3500 nm
  •       Useful optical transmission from 190 nm to 3500 nm
  •       High optical homogeneity with dn » 10-6/cm
  •      Wide temperature-bandwidth of about 55 degree
  •       High damage threshold of 10 GW/cm2 for 100ps pulse-width at 1064nm
  •      Low thermo-optic coefficient
  •         Second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic generation of Nd doping lasers
  •         Frequency double, tripling and mixing of dye and Ti :Sapphire lasersl
  •         Optical parametric amplifier (OPA) and optical parametric oscillators (OPO)
  •         Frequency double, tripling and mixing of Dye and Ti :Sapphire lasers
  •         Frequency-doubling of Argon ion, Cu-vapor and Ruby lasers
  •         Research and development for advanced laser techniques, including all-solid state wide-tunable lasers, ultrafast pulse lasers, and DUV lasers.


Basic properties of BBO crystal


Nonlinear optical crystals of BBO crystal

* The sizes and coating are available upon requirements.


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