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ZnSe mirrors,lenses,windows
Zinc selenide (Znse) is a kind of yellow transparent polytropism material,whose general crystallization pellet size is 70um and transmitting scope is 0.5-15 um. Generated from CVD method, Zinc selenide(ZnSe) has little impurity absorption and extremely low scattering loses. Due to the low absorption to 10.6 um wave length light, it becomes the first choice to manufacture the optical component for high  power  CO2  laser  system.  In  addition,  it  is  also
commonly used in different optical systems within its entire transmitting wave band.
Due to the high endurance to the thermal shock,  Znse  becomes the best optical material for the high power CO2 laser system. As  2/3 hard as multi-spectrum ZnS,  ZnSe is easily to get scratched. Plus its high refractive  index, it  needs to be coated with rigid thin film to get protected and to obtain a higher transmissibility.  In  its  commonly used spectrum scope,  Zinc selenide (ZnSe) has very low dispersion. When used to make  the  high  power  laser
components, its  bulk  absorption and inner structure flaw need to be kept in check, and the highly skilled coating and the lowest destructive polishing are also required.

Zinc selenide(ZnSe) is widely applied in laser, medicine,  astronomy and infrared night vision. It is used to produce entire reflector, semi-reflecting mirror, beam expander, even field lens, center infrared lens, far infrared 10.6um and various types of lens used in CO2 small or high power laser system, such as plano-convex  lens,  convex-concave crescent cutting lens, gold-plating reflector, circular polarization mirror and so on.

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