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Cr, Tm, Ho:YAG (2080nm)  (Chromium, Thulium, Holmium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet)

CTH: YAG Advantages:

1. High-efficiency 2 µm source
    Cr-Tm transfer quantum efficiency approaching 2
    Operates well at room temperature
    May be flashlamp or diode pumped
2. Laser diode sources can be pump the strong 780nm Tm3+ ion absorption line
    Chromium doping not necessary for diode-pumped applications
    Pump linewidth of 4nm; 4 times wider than the corresponding Nd:YAG diode-pump linewidth
3. Operates in a relatively eye-safe wavelength range
    Should lead to military and scientific applications in coherent radar and range-finding

Applications: Surgery, Dentistry, Atmospheric Testing.



                                          The sizes and coating are available upon requirements.


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