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YVO4 crystal
The yttrium orthovanadate (YVO4),  a kind of crystal preferably grown with Czochralski  method  has  good mechanical and  physical properties.  It has good temperature stability and physical and mechanical properties. It  is  ideal  for optical polarizing components  because of  its  wide  transparency  range  and  large  birefringence.  It  is an  excellent  synthetic substitute for Calcite (CaCO3) and Rutile(TiO2) crystals in many applications including fiber optic isolators and circulators,
beam displacers, Glan polarizers and other polarizing optics, etc.
YVO4 crystal applications:
                                   - Fiber-Optic Isolators, 
                                   - YVO4 Beam Displacer, 
                                   - Circulators, 
                                   - Glan Polarizer, etc.
YVO4 crystal properties:



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